Ventura Salon and Day Spa is Fort Lauderdale's most respected salon and spa for beauty services including hair, makeup, massage, nails, facials & waxing.

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Skin Care and Facial Services

Rest assured that you will recieve the best skin care treatments by our licensed staff whether it is just one treatment, or a day at the spa.
Microdermabrasion is an effective treatment for creating fresh, healthy and vibrant skin. A series of treatments can improve uneven skin texture as well as dull, lifeless skin with immediate improvements combating signs of aging.
  1 treatment $105
with facial $125 & up
series of six $570
Ultimate Facial
The Ultimate in relaxation and pampering. This rejuvenating custom designed experience will leave your skin glowing. A luxurious extended hands, neck, shoulder, and scalp aromatherapy massage included.
Classic Facial
To maintain a healthy complexion. This treatment includes deep cleansing with steam, extractions, relaxing facial massage, and facial mask. Recommended for all skin types.
  $75 and up
Radiance Facial
Perfect for lackluster skin. Our Vitamin C treatment helps revitalize a tired and dull complexion. Eye treatment included.
Hydrating Facial
For anti-aging, anti-wrinkle, firming. Natural solutions from the ocean's depths and the coastlines of France are found to restore a youthful texture and radiance to the skin. Sea retinol is used to boost cellular turnover and for skin regeneration and smootheness. Finally, a specifically formulated toning mask reduces the depth of wrinkles and resusitates the skin's natural firmness, while free radicals (the primary cause of aging) are outsmarted to curb premnature aging.

Extended Youth Facial
Revitalight is an F.D.A. approved cosmetic procedure that is gentle, painless, safe and effective. For the treatment of fine lines, enlarged pores, broken capillaries, pigmentation and reducing acne while creating firmer and thicker skin. Results are accumulative and a series is recommended for optimal improvement
Purifying Clarifying Facial
For oily, impure, broken out skin. Those who are oily, congested, prone to breakouts or acne will find balance with this therapeudic yet relaxing facial. The skin is exfoliated in preparation for a pore cleansing session. Then the skin is layered with purifying, sanitizing serums enriched with marine ingredients that help regulate oil production and kill the bacteria that causes breakouts. Finally, a mask absorbs impurities and delivers ingredients deepinto the skin so that a bright, even, clear complexion can emerge.
  $85 & up

Marine Breeze Oxygenating Urban Facial
For dull, sluggish skin & all skin exposed to normal daily pollutants (cigarette smoke, air pollution). Pollution, a fast paced lifestyle, and high stress levels lead to worn out, sluggish skin. To counterqact these factors, this facial incorporates Marine Breeze serum with its exclusive algae extract, Phormidiane, to deeply clean, excapsulate, and neeutralize pollutants before they come into contact with the skin. An intensly oxygenating plasticing mask increases cellular activity and detoxifies, leaving formerly exhausted skin bright, regenerated, energized, and once again able to defend itself from environmental aggressors.

Back Facial
An effective treatment for cleansing, exfoliating & moisturizing the back.

Gentleman's Facial
A customized treatment just for men that effectively removes skin impurities while toning and refreshing the skin.

Compliment any of our facials
Glycolic Peel
An intensive exfoliation treatment to soften & smooth the skins texture.
Eye Delight
Anti-wrinkle, brightening, firming, soothing. Whether iot's crow's feet, dark circles, or excess baggage, the eye area shows signs of aging and fatigue first. Since the area is composed of vulnerable tissue, a specialized treatment is a must! First, a three phase massage is preformed directly on the eye zone. This is followed by a supple, comfortine eye compress that delivers therapeudic elements for multi-level improvement of the delicate eye tissue. Lastly, depart with an illuminated soothed, smoothed new outlook.
$30 with facial
Facial, bikini, half leg, full leg
  $10 and up
Eyelash Tint   $30
Brow Tint   $20
Ventura Spa Packages

Ventura Grand

Steam, Massage, Facial, Lunch, Manicure, Pedicure, Shampoo & Conditioning Treatment, Haircut & Style .

Ventura Spree
Steam, Massage, Facial, Seaweed Body Treatment.
Ventura Pamper Plan
Steam, Massage, Facial, Body Polish with Hydrating Milk, Shampoo & Style, Make-Up Application.
Ventura Classic
Steam, 1 Hour Swedish Massage, European Facial.

Complimentary steamroom before any body treatment.
Vichy shower (optional addition) to any body treatment $10
Relaxing facial room at Ventura Salon and Spa
Photo of the facial room of
Ventura Salon and Spa.

The Salon Spa provides:

Based in Saint-Malo Cedex (France),
Phytomer brings together the most
advanced biological ingredients with
state-of-the-art technology
for the finest in skin care.

Phytomer is our primary skin care line for all of our services. It means "plants from the ocean". They use only 100% natural marine ingredients. We welcome you to experience the difference of this luxury skin care line known internationally and throughout the the most prestigeous spas.

Phytomer products are sold exclusively
at the Ventura Salon Spa.

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